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My Mom was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. This diagnosis came very soon after being told that her lung cancer was gone. What I want to share with you, is not a story about her cancer, it is a story about unconditional love and communication.

Yesterday, I visited my Mom, she wanted to speak to me in person.  I didn’t really know what she wanted to say, but I had a pretty good idea. My Mom told me how much I meant to her, how much she cared about me and asked me to not forget her. Then at one point I moved closer and held her hand. My Mom looked me directly in the eyes and said she loved me and I said that I loved her. For the first time in my life, I felt the energy of unconditional love. I felt it with my heart and all my being. I said “I Love You” to my Mom in a way that I have never said it to her or anyone before. What was amazing was how those three words could convey everything that needed to be said in that moment. It was an emotional and beautiful experience.

After leaving, I was driving and thinking. Amongst all the thoughts I was having, I realized how grateful I was to know that regardless of outcome, I feel like there will be nothing left unsaid between my Mom and I. I realized that anything that needed to be said was talked about in the past. There was a time when it would have been very difficult to say “I Love You” to my Mom and truly mean it.

My training as a Life Coach has brought me so much healing and fulfillment in all of my relationships. I never expected that the tools of coaching would have such an impact. After seeing my Mom, I realize why teaching communication and sharing the tools of coaching is so important to me. I believe that the energy of unresolved conflict and words not shared, live in our bodies and that we can begin to heal ourselves, by healing our relationships. I thank you for reading this and ask, that rather than contacting me or sending me your love & thoughts. Take a moment to connect with someone in your life. As the video I share below says “I want to see the world united….learn to live as one” This starts with our ability to communicate in all of our relationships.

I Love You Mom!

February Public Workshop

Owning Your Voice in Relationships

Practical Guidance for Creating Your Relationship Sandbox

This is a Two Part Workshop

Dates: February 22nd & 29th 2012

Time: 630pm – 830pm

Cost: $50.00 per person

Location: Sky High Lifestyles

The sandbox is a metaphor for a container in which we connect with friends or an intimate partner. Through conversation and action we either pollute or contribute to the well being of our relationship sandbox.

This workshop gives you practical understanding and tools which allow you to create a Relationship Sandbox where you are able to communicate consciously and effectively while creating love and understanding.

Laughter Yoga in Squamish

I am happy to announce that I will be offering Laughter Yoga in Squamish on a weekly basis.

Where: Alpen Loft Studio
When: Sunday evenings at 7pm
Cost: $5.00 drop in fee

My partner & I went to a introductory session last week , it was fantastic we came away feeling light and
uplifted, and were laughing on and off all day!  ~ Bev Blackett Alpen Loft Yoga Studio

More Information What is Laughter Yoga?

or Join the Squamish Laughter Yoga Facebook Group

Living Proof Radio Show

On February 28th @ 5pm PST tune into Living Proof Radio on A2Zen.FM

Owning Your Voice will be interviewed by Tammra Broughton and you can call in and ask questions.

More info at A2Zen.FM

Playing For Change

I saw Playing For Change live in New Orleans at a Starbucks leadership conference. They continue to create collaborative and inspirational music and videos. If the video does not show up below Follow This Link

United | Playing For Change

Watch the Video
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