Johanna Hunt from Arbonne raises funds to help childhood cancer.



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The Arbonne Angels parties & products with a purpose fundraising program is to educate, ignite and inspire people to make healthier choices with regard to their personal care products that they already use on a daily basis…while supporting an amazing charitable cause.
I have chosen to partner with The Gaby Davis Foundation, a local charity, to offer support and assistance to children with cancer and their families in times of need. I will be running a weeklong event in which all proceeds will be donated to families in need through this foundation.
Every time I read another story about a child and their family who has been affected, or a child who has struggled through life and then passed at an early age, I bawl my eyes out. It saddens me to think anyone should ever have to experience something like this. The Gaby Davis Foundation already supports 4 families in my community, and many others through out BC.
Did you know…
There are approximately 150 families faced with a childhood cancer diagnosis in British Columbia each year. More than 75% of all children diagnosed can now be cured. There are more then 350 British Columbian children in active treatment at any given time. There are another 1200 in follow up treatments. Employment insurance only covers 16 weeks of the parent’s time away from work. Many of the treatment protocols used to cure our children go on for several years. Financial hardship is commonplace for families facing a battle with child hood cancer. Every one of these families needs help, and these children need their families by their side.
I have the ability to DONATE 100% OF THE RETAIL PROFIT to The Gaby Davis Foundation to help families with childhood cancer. I ask for your help in spreading the word. Together we can accomplish so much more, and I will make it simple and fun to participate.

1. Share the Arbonne Catalog with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, and submit their orders by July 31 @5pm. Individuals can also contact me directly to order.

2. Forward this fundraiser virtual fundraiser to as many people as you can via email or through our Facebook event.

3. Host a 1 hr luncheon in your office or evening gathering in your home to showcase and raise awareness of using pure, safe, and beneficial ingredients…plus enjoy a whole lot of R&R! 

4.  Place your own personal order between now and July 31. Arbonne products make great gifts as well. All orders of $150+ receive a free gift from me. 
All who participate will enjoy Arbonne’s amazing wellness products for their skin and body, with all proceeds going to an incredible charity.

As a participating organizer of this event, you can earn significant personal discounts and product awards for participating in our fundraising efforts.
If you would like more information on the fundraising program please contact me for details, this is a great fundraising event for groups of 4 to 400! Feel free to click around my website to discover Arbonne – and the possibilities for yourself.
Arbonne's personal care and spa products are Swiss Formulated, and contain only Pure, Safe, and Beneficial ingredients. They do not contain Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Formaldehyde, Dyes, Chemical Fragrances, Parabens, Animal Products, Waxes, Acetone, or GMO's. We are a Vegan Certified and Carbon Neutral company. Arbonne has been practicing these policies for 33 years. Copyright © 2013 Johanna Hunt, Independent Consultant, All rights reserved.
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