The Law of Attraction and your Power to Heal Yourself

Witschi, M.Psych., Registered Clinical Counsellor



Many people
these days have watched the movie “The Secret”, which teaches about the law of
attraction. It seems we are entering now an era of becoming more aware of our
power, which is the power of our mind.

The law of attraction
is a universal law which states that whatever we think about

with great emotions will
manifest into our lives.


 In this movie, the Universe is compared to the
Gene, which fulfills all our desires, saying “Your wish is my command”. In The
Secret it is described how whatever we wish, we can have, be or do. Different
speakers suggest slightly different techniques to go about affirming what we
want, but the common aspects which you may already be familiar with, is the

state in present tense what you wish to receive, create, or do, as if it was
already accomplished. Secondly, generate as much positive, joy filled emotion
as you can, while imagining vividly with all your senses how great you will
feel when you have or do the thing you are focusing on. The last step is to let
it go, to surrender the wish to the Universe, trusting that it will be
accomplished without you needing to know how. Also, it is important that you
put yourself in a positive mind state, so that you match vibrationally what you
want to attract.


The term
“vibration” is important with the law of attraction, as it is based on the
knowledge of how energy works. It is the science of Quantum Physics which is
researching energy and which has proven the concepts laid out in the movie and
in this article. Quantum Physics affirms that the whole universe, including
ourselves and all objects everywhere are made of the same tiniest building
block, which is energy. Energy has different frequencies, according to its
higher or lower vibrations. Positive thoughts create pleasant feelings, which
have a higher vibration compared to negative thoughts, which have lower vibrations
and feel therefore unpleasant. Thus we
always create our emotions with our thoughts. They do not come from other
people, situations or events.

In The
Secret, Joe Vitale says: “Yes, you attracted all you have”, and Esther Higgs states:”
You’re the only one who creates your reality”.


Now if we
really create all we want, why would anyone want to have difficult
circumstances in their lives? Why would we want to have fights with our loved
ones, troubles at work, illness, depression, anxiety, etc? Why would we? Do we
like to suffer, or what is it? Here is why: Another part of the Law of
Attraction states:

What we resist


We do
indeed resist greatly most of our negative thoughts; we push them down into our
unconscious mind and then project them out. The result is that we see aspects
we believe about ourselves in others and fight them “out there”. In psychology
these two processes are called repression and projection. Translated into the
language of energy, and following the Law of Attraction, we can state:

Our world is an out
picturing, a mirror, of our own (unconscious) beliefs.

statement can be clearly seen in our relationships. Let’s say we have a partner
who seems not much available to us. We then complain to him/her, asking him/her
to change, so we feel better about ourselves. Often, the partner feels
criticized and defends him-herself. If we insist, then the result often is a
fight. Imagine your own pattern here, so you can understand the process. It
could be with an abusing partner or any other complaint we may have about
someone else. Using the knowledge of the fact that our world is an out
picturing of our own beliefs, instead of blaming the other, we may realize that
our perception of our partner is bothering to us because in our unconscious mind, it means certain things about
We believe we are not good enough, unimportant, unworthy of
being loved, too fat, too dumb, and the list is endless. Thus, we encounter
again and again the results of our own “pushed down” beliefs out there, in
unkind people, in the horror of war, in every negative aspect we perceive “out
there”, and we spend our lives fighting back, defending us, wanting to change
other people….What we resist persists…To merely create positive goals and
attract them with positive thought will not change this pattern, as long as we
continue denying that we have also negative, destructive thoughts about
ourselves and others, pushed out of awareness.


How can we heal this source of suffering,
unhappiness and disease?

To heal
means to make whole; to become conscious of our negative beliefs we projected “out
there”. The way to deal with these negative beliefs is first to be willing to
become aware of them when we perceive negative traits or actions in others
(because that’s where we see them most of the time). We may then think to
ourselves something like: “Even though he is again not there for me, I deeply
love and accept myself.” With this thought, we first acknowledge our feelings
and state we are not those feelings; my feeling may be negative, but I am good.
(I am not my feelings). Then, based on the process of realizing that we
projected our own beliefs on the other, we may think: “Even though I was again not available to myself – by
focusing on him instead of myself – I deeply love and accept myself.” When we
do healing with Energy Psychology, these are the statements we use, while
tapping at the same time with our fingertips on specific acupuncture point on
our hands and face; it helps dissolve the negative thought patterns. This
corrects the error of believing someone else did something bad to us, and we were
their victim. We chose interpreted someone’s action as bad,
thus, we created the “bad”, in order
to justify our negative unconscious beliefs. Every time we feel unfairly
treated, we can then think: “I knew this would happen! I was right!”. We like
that; we like to be right, even though it perpetuates our suffering.

process of understanding our interactions and our whole life as perceived,
painted, projected by our own mind gives us the power back.

We can change our
patterns, we are not victims of anyone or any circumstance.

When we suffer we are
victims of our own unconscious beliefs.


Do you
understand? This is very different from what we have learnt all our lives! What
a relief, and what a responsibility!


Thus, healing
is allowed by our willingness to acknowledge our negative beliefs and to
realize they are not true. We chose to perceive it that way.


Beliefs are thoughts
or stories we choose to treat like a religion.

We live and abide by
them without knowing – until we discover them and realize

 they are all false.


They are
all untrue, because we are none of the negative things we believe we are. As
stated in The Secret, we are Spirit, not a body, our true nature is deep peace
and love. You may picture yourself and others as brilliant lights, and all our
negative beliefs that we created are
like clouds in front of this shining light. To acknowledge the fact that we are
having these negative thoughts and to not judge ourselves for having them, is
like bringing the darkness to the Light where it gets dispelled.


Marlise Witschi, M.Psych., RCC,


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