Staying Hydrated By Johanna Hunt

Hydration is a common conversation I’ve been having recently as I meet with my clients to help them create a healthy living and clean eating lifestyle plan. Did you know…60% of our bodies are made up of water… we’ve all heard that before but have you heard that water is key in detoxifying your body?

Here’s an analogy that is sure to get you chugging down the clear stuff! Imagine for a moment a filthy dirty bathtub.  You scrub it with cleanser and a sponge yet it only seems to loosen and move the dirt around.  What is the next step to getting your tub clean? Right! You rinse it out with water! If you leave the loosened dirt in the tub without rinsing it out, some may go down the drain but most of it will harden and stay where it is right?

8 a day

Now imagine your body… you are working hard to clean out the dirt and grime from within. If you aren’t drinking enough water to help your body flush out all the harmful toxins you are releasing, some of it will end up staying right where it is at!

When detoxing and dieting, it is important to have at least six 8 ounce glasses of water throughout the day. That’s 48 oz! So, make sure you begin EVERY meal and EVERY snack with an appetizer of 8 oz of water! Or better yet, get yourself a 48 oz container and fill it EVERY morning when you wake up. Don’t go to sleep until that water is gone.  Not only will it aid in toxin release, it will also help you feel fuller so you want to eat less!

Tip to make it tasty! Add sliced lemon, cucumber or oranges to your water for a refreshing treat as well!

Healthy and clean living can be challenging especially when it comes to our fitting it in and around our busy lives. If you feel like you need help in the healthy department, or could use some guidance and support, you might want to contact Johanna Hunt and attend an online workshop to hear more about her 30 days to healthy living challenge.

30 days to healthy living


Here’s to your health,