“Owning YOUR Voice” with Co-Active Life Coach, Ross Tayler on Living Proof Radio

February 29, 2012 by Tammra Broughton

Ross Tayler is owner and CEO of "Owning Your Voice" Workshops & Life Coaching, in Squamish, BC, Canada. For over 25 years Ross Taylor has led teams of people in the food service industry. That equals well over 44,000 hours of leading, learning and coaching. During the last last 10 years while working for Starbucks Coffee Company, he has experienced the importance of creating a strong culture in the workplace and the impact it has on his employees, customers and profitability.

Ross Tayler has an intrinsic passion for people and coaching and he loves witnessing the change that people can make in their lives when they are motivated by their values.

In late 2006 Ross further invested in his coach training and signed up for a training course with the Coaches Training Institute, one of the top coach training programs in North America. His career and life experiences give him much to draw from while sharing his passion for coaching and creating culture.

Ross believes that by "Owning My Voice" he can help individuals become leaders for change in their own life and the lives of others.

Ross is a past board member of the Helping Hands Society in Squamish, BC, Canada and has volunteered for the RCMP as a Citizen on Patrol and as an Auxiliary Constable. Currently Ross is a Restorative Justice facilitator and is the Chairperson for the Sea to Sky Restorative Justice Society.

Ross is also a member of The Squamish Wellness Directory and you can find his latest article "Poor Me" featured on the website.

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