Kat Smyth, R. Ac – Registered Acupuncturist

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Location: 1235 Village Green Way inside of Reach Physio

Email: info@squamishmountainmedicine.com

Website: www.squamishmountainmedicine.com

Tel: 604.815.9864

IMG_3227Katherine Smyth started in the health industry over 12 years ago. In 2002-2004 she worked in a nursing home and a retirement unit working with the elderly helping provide them with balance, strength and flexibility exercises to help keep them agile and mobile. She also help provide the elderly and their family’s with counseling. In 2003 became a personal training and studied under some elite trainers in Toronto and Vancouver. She graduated from Durham college in 2004 with her diploma in Counseling. In 2004 she moved to Vancouver and since has trained with some top trainers and physiotherapist over the years. She has gained a vast range of knowledge from corrective exercise, rehabilitation, postural and core exercises, balance and yoga exercises, as well as sports conditioning and injury prevention. In 2006 went back to school. She studied Health Science at SFU. Kat continued her study in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shang Hai TCM school in Burnaby. She completed her TCM Practitioners diploma program in 2010 as Shang Hai TCM school was closing. She continued on to PCU and took another 1000 hrs of clinic work in addition to her TCM practitioners diploma program requirements. She is currently working on completing her Doctor of TCM program at PCU and studying to take her herbology license exam. In her practice her specializes in injuries, pain, sports medicine and athletes, women’s issues, menopause, pregnancy and prenatal care, and pediatrics. She also treats many other conditions, please contact her for more information. Katherine is a licensed acupuncturist by CTCMA.