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Welcome to the first issue of the Calming Courier, a newsletter bringing you information, tips, events and a blog all to support in your discovery of your inner calmness. If you are receiving this you are either family, friends, colleagues, or people who have expressed interest in the past about my work and events. I have been excited to inform you about meditation and other calming tools for a long while so thank you for you patience. And if you don’t wish to receive any updates from me, please send me a gentle email letting me know you’d like to be removed from this list. Thank you and enjoy.

Calming Courier – January 2016

Your Health and Calmness

During these hibernating months it’s a good time to reflect on your life. Are you as calm and healthy as you want to be? Are there habits or old patterns stopping you from being who you want to be? If so, take some time to reflect and plan action or make changes to become the person you know you can be. If there are patterns and habits that keep reoccurring and you need more support to remove them from your life, the tools and techniques I provide will give you promising results.
To book a session with Carolyn either in person, on the phone, or online, please call or email 604-849-3068
Services: Reiki, Calmness Coaching, Meditation Coaching, Heart Integrations, Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations

· Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, ON-GOING/NOW*

7:00-8:00pm Cedar Valley Waldorf

(upcoming dates: February 2nd& March 7th *NO sessions February 16th)

*Note: keep posted for any possible changes or cancellations

· Saturdays: Now until Feb 6th

2:30-3:30pm North Yoga

Meditations Gatherings

· Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month ON-GOING/NOW*

7:00-8:30pm Cedar Valley Waldorf

(upcoming dates: February 23rd & March 8th, NONE February 9th)

*Note: keep posted for any possible changes or cancellations

Calmness Blog

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort January 27, 2016

“If you find you can’t make it to 70 (years old) by any but an uncomfortable road, don’t you go.” Mark Twain

“Yuck, I don’t want to touch those old dirty dishes”
“Ewwuu, that garbage stinks, I’m not taking it out”
“I don’t want to join that new group. I won’t know anyone”
There are many daily things we don’t want to do and mostly because they take us out of our comfort zone. Getting out of bed in the morning is even uncomfortable for most of us; we’re groggy, tired, and it’s so warm in bed and cold on the other side of the covers.
Here are the lies and the truths about comfort in life. The main lie: a part of you thinks that you have control of the comfort in your life. The truth: you cannot avoid discomfort for long. You will encounter it regardless, usually by force with heightened stress. You will also experience emotions of shame, guilt and sadness for NOT doing things to avoid discomfort. Not doing more is the largest regret of most people at the end of their life.
And here’s the secret… read more

Calming Tip of the Month

Schedule in time to consciously reconnect with your breath a few times daily.
Step 1: set an alarm every hour or few times daily “Breath Awareness Time”. Assigning a gentle sound would be lovely.
Step 2: Take a minute or two to be aware of your breathing state in that moment. Is it quick and shallow? Are you holding it in for a noticeable time? And you holding it out? These are signs that your body/mind are in a state of respond and potential stress.
Step 3: Breath deeply in for a gentle count of 7 and breath out for 7. Repeat THREE times. This grounds your mind and body to be present, the only state of being when your body functions the most efficiently.
BONUS TIP: If you really feel overwhelmed use the visualization tool of imagining yourself standing or sitting at the base of a large tree. Then, either connect with the tree and it’s root system, or imagine your own roots growing deep down in to the earth. Take some deep breaths in this vision.
Stress on the body is subtle and unconscious most of the time. Being aware of your breath is a great start to shifting your body’s choice: to simply SURVIVE or to THRIVE.

Quote of the Month

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
~ Oscar Wilde

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and found some insight in to making your life more calm.

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Green
Calmness & Meditation Coach, Reiki Master
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