Energy Psychology, the healing revolution of the Century

By Marlise
Witschi, M.Psych., Registered Clinical Counsellor

2009; no part of this article may be reproduced without permission

Energy Psychology is the latest
discovery in psychology, combining the science of Chinese Medicine and
traditional Psychology. It has been described as one of the most important
breakthroughs in the area of psychology in the twentieth century. It
represents a new paradigm in the field in that its theory is based on
the principles of Quantum Physics, which is energy based. What that
means is that our bodies and everything in this universe you can think
of is made of the same energy. It is therefore not dense or static;
it is an open field with an electrical vibration, which can be changed
and transformed.

Energy Psychology states that
the cause of all painful and limiting thoughts and emotions is caused
by a disruption in the body’s energy system. Any unpleasant or painful
feeling corresponds to a blockage in the energy field of the individual.
Any fear, anxiety, depression, upset, anger, sadness, physical pain,
anything which does not feel good to you, is caused by a blockage in
your energy flow, and it can be healed. If you think of it: the possibilities
of Energy Psychology are phenomenal!

Practice shows that this is true indeed.

How do we treat these
energy blockages?
  Instead of inserting needles to activate
the energy flow as is done in acupuncture, we tap with our fingertips
on a few specific acupuncture points, while tuning in to the painful
emotions.  The practitioner then speaks specific sentences about
the problem they want to heal, and the client repeats these sentences.

How does it work? 
It works through a process called Entrainment. In entrainment, a high
vibrational energy (created by the tapping), entrains – transforms
– the lower vibrational energy (the words spoken about the issue), into
higher vibrations. As a result, the blockage has now been dissolved
and released back into the energy flow. Consequently, the client’s
experience of the problem has changed: Distress has been transformed
into a sense of relaxation, openness and freedom, and the person is
now unable to feel the distress any longer.  Also, often people
gain new understanding and a different perception of the problem addressed.

Are these results permanent?
Yes they are. If the problem comes back, that means that there are other
aspects to the problem which also need to be addressed with the tapping,
before it can be fully released.

What can we treat with Energy
The more skilled a practitioner is the more complex
issues can be healed. There is no limitation on what can be healed,
or at least improved with Energy Psychology. Personally, I am using
EFT (see below) to treat relationship issues, anxiety, panic attacks,
eating disorders, sexual abuse, addictions, depression, low self-esteem,
missing-mother syndrome, physical pain, and more. There is no issue
we have not been able to at least improve with Energy Psychology. What
I ad to the technique of Energy Psychology is to help you find your
unconscious motivations to create, re-create or keep an illness, pain,
procrastination, or whatever it is that disturbs your inner peace. We
then tap on these unconscious beliefs, and the symptoms fall away.

Symptom or cause? As
we know, a symptom is what we feel; it is the surface manifestation
of underlying, unconscious beliefs, whether that is related to relationship
issues, depression, cancer or to a headache. Individuals can learn
EFT for themselves and tap on themselves to relieve physical and emotional
. Also, in order to get to the root cause of your problem, you
may want the help of a skilled practitioner. For instance, if you have
pains or emotions which leave after you tapped on them, but come back
later, then this may indicate that a part of your unconscious mind wants
to keep them. A skilled counsellor and Energy Psychology Practitioner
can then help you go deeper and heal the root cause of the issue, gently
and permanently.

History. In the 1980’s,
Psychologist Roger Callahan Ph.D., developed a highly successful ‘tapping
therapy’ which he called TFT (Thought Field Therapy). Some of his
students modified his approach and created their own technique, the
best known being EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig. It
has become a well-known healing approach in many fields of application:
physical, mental-emotional and spiritual. It is also very helpful in
achieving specific goals, in that we can dissolve all limiting beliefs
and fears holding us back from where we want to be, whether that be
in your business or personal life.

EFT is the technique that I
am using, as it is the simplest one and can be learned in a short time.

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