Childbirth Meditation & Visualization Workshop

Presented by The Calming Centre  
September 30, 2012 10:00am-12:30pm   

This class focuses on using meditation and visualization to help
with the intensity of childbirth. Science proves that a woman’s body creates
power endorphins when her body is relaxed during childbirth. This class will
share a variety of techniques to help bring ease and calmness to the experience
of childbirth.

GOAL is to:

~ Empower women to trust their bodies biology in delivery of
their baby

~ Give women a daily meditation practice to encourage the body
to get to a calm state during delivery

~ Give a variety of visualizations to help women focus during

~ Aid in decreasing the intensity/pain of childbirth

Cost: $35

Registration is required so please email
or call 604.849.3068

visit us at

(This class is for pregnant women, however, partners of the
pregnant women are welcome to register as well, but not necessary to attend, as
this focuses on the woman's inner-self and should not replace a prenatal
education class)