Discovering the benefits of Yoga with Jodi Dodd

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When I tell people that I am a Yoga Instructor, it’s very common for someone to reply: “ I should do yoga, I’m so inflexible”. I usually smile and say very little in response. But in my heart, I want to say: First of all, drop the “should”. I want to see more people in […]

The Yoga Studio Squamish September Newsletter

It is hard to believe that September is upon us already. Summer hasbeen glorious and we are simultaneously looking forward to the routineof autumn. We hope you are too!Below are a list of September and October events at The Yoga StudioSquamish Co-operative. As a reminder to everyone, we now take cash orcheque only ($12 drop […]

{The Yoga Studio Squamish} August Newsletter (with September Events) – Please Note Long Weekend Closures

Wow Summertime! We hope this finds everyone basking in the gifts of summertime.  Localfood, late afternoon light, evening BBQ's…and more we are sure. To start with, the following classes are cancelled for the August LongWeekend.Sunday August 5th – All Classes Cancelled.Monday August 6th – 4:20 Tensegrity Series and 5:30 Level 2 Classesare Cancelled.  (Noon Level […]

The Yoga Studio Squamish June Newsletter

Friends, Well this little touch of rain has created a little space for indooractivities and newsletter writing:)We hope that you have all be enjoying this blessed gift of light andwarmth. June is a busy month at The Yoga Studio and we are looking forward toa variety of great events and 'Another Month of 'Self-Luv'.  If […]