Crunch Time for Athletic Abs

  Whether you want do abdominals for athletic performance,  a rippled mid section, general health, therapy or rehabilitation… ignore the hyped formulae you see on TV or the Internet. Do ab exercise suited to you. Advocating high reps of any one exercise is often bad advice. “One crunch doesn’t fit all ” says Dr. Michele […]

Garibaldi Active Wellness has expanded!

Garibaldi Active Wellness has recently expanded and is pleased to announce the addition of some amazing new practitioners to our already existing team of 3 RMT's (Di Adams, Britt Jonat, and Kim Fairall) and Sports Hypnotherapist (Sylvia Raynar).  We are excited to welcome the following professionals: Cameron Hunt, Registered Kinesiologist Bill Walker-Wavel, Registered Physiotherapist Dr. […]

Liver Health and Liver Wellness

The Liver, What is it? The liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It keeps us healthy with over 500 functions dealing with digestion and detoxification. Notably, the liver breaks down and metabolizes the food we eat in terms of carbohydrate, fat and protein, as well as purifies the blood from foreign chemicals […]

Do you stretch enough?

  In my practice as a Kinesiologist I’ve seen a great need for more joint mobility and muscular flexibility. Quite admittedly for most, they don’t feel like they have the 1) time, 2) expertise, or 3) enjoyment to obtain the benefits from regular stretching. Often people report that they are unable to schedule it in, find the […]