Carolyn Green – Reiki & Meditation

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Location: Squamish



Tel: 604 849 3068

_6994886The Calming Centre and Carolyn Green’s life purpose is to help people reclaim calmness in their lives. When your body is calm and relaxed your body heals on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Offering quick-fix relaxation and pain relief, as well as long term proactive calming habits, Carolyn wants everyone to know their way back to their own calming centre.

Carolyn offers a variety of options for people to create their own calming tools. Her teachings have derived from her Vedic Meditation education and experience, intuitive skills, and extensive research in to various calming practices.

As a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Carolyn’s reiki sessions invoke extreme relaxation and healing. These sessions are extremely subtle and very calming. The world of energy is all part of us and reiki is a great way to rebalance.

A meditator since 2004, she found relief from her struggles with anxiety, insomnia and depression through daily meditation and surrender into calmness. Meditation opened up Carolyn’s world to holistic wellness of mind, body and soul. She has since been devoted to her own personal growth in these areas and wishes to share the tools and techniques with others.

“Relaxation is the key to healing, and aiding your personal, spiritual, mental and emotional growth”
~ Carolyn Green, The Calmness Coach

– Meditation 101 class (public or private)
– Meditation For Life class (public or private)
– Childbirth Meditation and Visualization class (public or private)
– One-One Reiki sessions
– All reiki level classes

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