Can you benefit from counselling? Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Marlise Witschi,
M.Psych., Registered Clinical Counsellor

Counselling is for individuals
who are aware that life is a process of internal growth, and who are
open to seek help to transcend the hurdles they are faced with from
time to time. In other words, counselling is for people who are interested
in personal growth and who have the courage to face their internal obstacles
in order to go beyond them, with a professional guide. The following
are examples of hurdles we all face in our life, and where counselling
can be very helpful:

  • Feeling stuck in
    old patterns of thinking and acting; you can’t seem to be able to
    change, to move on. You may be suffering from compulsive eating, drinking,
    attracting always the same type of partners, or other self-defeating
  • A life transition,
    where you don’t know any longer where you are and what you’d like
    to do with your life.
  • A crisis situation
    in your relationship, in your career, an accident, the death of a loved
    one, or any other sudden life-change.
  • Feeling overwhelmed
    by anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, anger, grief….these
    emotions can be understood and healed by discovering and releasing emotional
    charges you are still holding from the past.
  • Low self-esteem:
    you feel uncomfortable with yourself and others. You don’t dare to
    go for what you really love in life.
  • Suffering from an
    addiction: alcohol, food, sex, internet, work, relationship, shopping,
    or anything else you may be using in an out-of-control manner, causing
    you to feel bad afterwards.
  • Spiritual crisis.
    You want to investigate your spiritual beliefs and experiences.
  • Trauma: you have
    experienced sexual or other abuse in your life and you still experience
    emotional consequences from it. Any experience you had in life where
    you shut down as a consequence can be understood as traumatic, because
    a part of you stopped growing from that point on. Trauma can be healed
    with Energy Psychology, gently and permanently.
  • Using medication
    for anxiety (Ativan) or sleeping pills, both of which may be addictive,
    counselling can help you find and heal emotional causes of anxiety and
    sleeping problems and release you from them.
  • Physical pains and
    problems where your physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments don’t
    seem to help more than for a few days; this may be a sign that a part
    of your unconscious mind does not want to be free from pain for specific
    reasons. These reasons can be discovered and released in counselling.

Alternative Counselling can
address all the above issues successfully and many more. It is a holistic
form of traditional counselling combined with the practice of Energy
Psychology. In alternative counselling we acknowledge that all our problems
are created by the unconscious mind and have unconscious associations
with our past, including our childhood.

In my practice of Alternative
counselling I help clients find their unconscious beliefs and emotions
at the cause of their presenting problem (any of the above or anything
else; including physical problems), and then we heal these beliefs and
feelings with Energy Psychology. (For a description of Energy Psychology
you may go to my website and read the free article:  

Let me give you an illustration:
Sue (not her name), one of my clients, had chronic problems making a
living. She had troubles in every job she had and ended up not even
finding a job any more. We discovered that she was still very angry
at her parents for what she had experienced in her childhood. She discovered
that she still felt hurt and believed her parents had treated her unfairly,
and so she wanted to punish them by not making a living. Unconsciously
she hoped they would “pay” for her what she thought they owed her
emotionally. Once we found these were her beliefs, we used EFT, one
of the techniques of Energy Psychology to release this blockage and
her pattern of financial lack and scarcity changed very fast: She found
a job she actually liked and started to make a good living with it.

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