Cameron Hunt – Kinesiologist

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Location: Squamish, Vancouver



Tel: 604 837 6026

camCameron Hunt, a local Kinesiologist and outdoor enthusiast, is offering Ohashiatsu to the community of Squamish. Ohashiatsu is a unique form of body work involving stretch, touch, and finger point acupressure along the eastern Ki energy meridians. It is based on thousands of years of eastern philosophy and methods of healing adapted to meet the needs of the western world.  In his practice, Cameron combines Thomas Myer’s Posture Train theory, Ohashiatsu, and Kinesiology for the therapeutic touch.

Immediate Benefits of Stretch Therapy:

  •  Release of tension in tight muscles
  • Offers relaxing treatment in a comfortable environment
  • Provides deep stretching in a passive body position
  • Can help stretch areas that are difficult to attain by oneself
  • Relieves knee, back, shoulder, and neck ache due to muscle tension
  • Lowers elevated blood pressure
  • Presents more information and education about stretches and exercises that can improve  your wellness

Assisted Myofascial Stretching

… Is an all natural, and non-evasive body wellness technique which involves moving arms, legs, neck, and torso in ways to achieve stretches to the entire body through a series of levers and synergistic muscle groups. It provides health benefits by engaging mechanoreceptors along the longitudinal, lateral, and spiral myofascial tracts that connect muscle chains that provide movement.

… Is an excellent supplement to hard physical activity, performance sports, and for outdoor enthusiasts who want to maintain healthy body function.

… Is an excellent compliment to treatments in massage therapy, physiotherapy, yoga, chiropractic, and exercise rehabilitation. These, in addition to a natural foods diet, and regular vigorous physical activity are essential to increasing wellness.

… Is an excellent way to initiate a regular stretching routine.

Long Term Health Benefits of Consistent Participation in Stretching:

Improved Posture – restore the healthy curves to your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
Improved muscle balance for increased performance and injury reduction
Unlimited Functional Ability to participate in physical activity
Long-term investment in health in terms of joint range of motion which adds functional independence, autonomy and self-esteem through the coming years
Mental peace and mediation
Established from Thomas Myer’s Posture Trains, Ohashiatsu, and Kinesiology

Sessions available at Body Storm, Challenge By Choice, Garibaldi Active Wellness, and The Squamish Athletic Club.

Monday 6:30 am – 12:00 pm
Wednesday 6:30 am – 12:00 pm
Thursday 6:30 am – 6:30 pm For more information visit or contact Cameron directly to book.

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