Body worker workshop this Sunday

Bruce Winstone's Workshop

Presented by the Yoga Studio 

is a gifted body worker, a practitioner of the Alexander Technique and a
fine spirit.  I look forward to learning more from him.  The few
appointments I have had from him, have been insightful and deep. I
trust that this workshop will reach body workers and curious movement
explorers alike:)
Feel free to share this around if you
would like to join and feel free to let me know if you have any
questions regarding the workshop.  From what I understand, he is
planning on working with superficial fascial release techniques,
adhesions and sliding layers amongst the organs….looking at techniques
for bodyworkers and self-learning reflection.  
If you would like to join, please email Gioia at, to confirm a place.


Bruce Winstone BSc
(Maj Physics) Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration. Yoga
Teacher, Alexander Teacher, Anatomy Teacher and (Yes!) Math Teacher.

has studied Rolfing and Structural Integration with such Rolfing heavy
weights as: ‘Painless’ Peter Melchior, Emmett Hutchins, Nilce Silvera,
Greg Overton and Thomas Myers.
has studied the Alexander Technique with Mio Morales, Irma Konrad,
Stacey Gehman, Robert Rickover, Nancy Forst Williamson and Marilou
is also a certified yoga teacher who has studied with Hart Lazur,
Father Joe Periera, and Richard Freeman. And yes, he used to teach
linear algebra and calculus at the University of Manitoba.
Invenstment:  $130
The Schedule:
9:00AM – 12:00PM   Morning Session
12:00PM – 1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM – 5:00PM   Afternoon Session