Beyond Balance 
Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellness  

Monica Laverdiere
 Certified Practitioner of
Indian Head Massage ~ Kansa Vakti Foot Massage ~ Usui Reiki Level II 
Oneness Deeksha Giver ~ Children’s Yoga Teacher  

Upon her move to BC in 1996, Monica has had a passion for and began her self-directed study in Ayurveda. (The science or knowledge of Life). This became complementary to her yoga/meditation practice. Since then she has been on a discovery path of Holistic Healing and Wellness. And, quickly became her way of life, with dedication and discipline.

This deepened, with her interest in Reiki and study of Ayurvedic bodywork. She became open to her own healing abilities that brought her in touch with a Divine energy that is naturally flowing through her.

She now specializes on the head and feet…the parts of our bodies that are so often neglected, yet, take on the majority of internal & external stresses. The head and feet are a very direct way to connect to the internal body and organs (physically, emotionally & spiritually), and powerful healing can occur from treating these areas.

Her greatest joy is sharing her healing energy with others. Through the relaxing treatments that she offers; Ayurvedic Indian head massage, Ayurvedic foot massage and Reiki, people are given the opportunity to tap into their bodies own natural healing system.

Her relaxing/meditative treatments ignite the body, mind and spirit’s natural ability to heal itself, and are known to raise consciousness and initiate profound shifts in One’s life.

These services are offered in a beautiful, peaceful, home healing space…in a relaxed, soothing atmosphere.

Blessings to all

Phone: 604.898.1156  Email: beyondbalance11@gmail.com   
Website: www.beyondbalance.vpweb.ca  Location: Squamish, BC