A note from the Head Honcho

About Johanna


Our family moved to Squamish in the spring of 2012 for the same reasons as many do, we love the outdoors, recreation, and we wanted to raise our children in an extraordinary community. We are the proud parents of 2 little girls and when it comes to offering them the best environment to grow and flourish, there is no comparison to the community of Squamish for us.

Having traveled to many places and lived in multiple mountain towns and world renowned ski resorts, I always knew I needed to focus my career on an industry that would allow me to continue living the dream. I completed my diploma for marketing communications and event management in 2008 just in time to work with the Vancouver Winter Olympics. I spent 10 years working in various sporting events in the sea to sky corridor with contract varying from event coordination, to managing teams of volunteers, to branding and working closely with event sponsors. I loved my career, I was fueled by my passion for the outdoor industry, and I developed amazing relationships along the way.

When our first daughter was born my priorities made a big shift. We were living in north Vancouver at the time and I was really beginning to crave deeper community connection. I also started to crave freedom and flexibility for my family and I was no longer content in my chosen path. I needed something that was bigger than me and I knew it was time for a change.

My husband is a kinesiologist and he gets to help people and change their lives every day. What an amazing feeling of satisfaction! Although events are a lot of fun, I knew I needed a change, and I was seeking a way where I could show people how to have a healthier lifestyle. I wanted a way to let people know they have choices and to educate them to live their lives in wellness. When I love something, I talk about it, and I’m a natural people connector. I just needed a platform.

I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to put my natural talents into play but I knew our move to Squamish would inspire me, as when they opportunity came up to purchase Squamish Wellness, an online resource that had a grassroots background, the voice in my head told me this was not an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up. It was the opportunity to create exactly what I was looking for and a way for me to develop and grow relationships with so many talented practitioners in our community.

Being married to a practitioner I understand the challenges of giving your best to your clients but also having to make time to grow your practice and maintain your business. Between the costs of marketing, networking and social media, not to mention the time investment to learn how to use these tools effectively, how are you suppose to make time for the things you love and the reasons you moved to this town?

Squamish wellness is an affordable, cost affective way for you to have a presence online, at networking events, and in the community. You can tart making more time for you and your family because Squamish Wellness is that presence and spokesperson for your business. I’m out there connecting the dots while you’re doing what your passionate about. There is a reason I’m not a practitioner…it’s not my strength, but this is, and that’s why I’m here to help you!